69 RR Rear Window

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Re: 69 RR Rear Window

Postby bear » Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:05 pm

Maaan ! That B7 look's NICE ! :mrgreen: As for the glass ? I haven't Used after market glass my self but I have an NOS back glass for a 73 Runner and a guy I talked to that was doing one over said that a lot of the after market glass is thinner then the original ones . That's why he was asking me about mine . Maybe it's a case of were the new glass is from ?

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Re: 69 RR Rear Window

Postby TOMRR » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:00 pm

Yea I measure my original back glass and the new one I got from Auto Body Specialties and they both were 3/16 all the way around !!

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Re: 69 RR Rear Window

Postby ricks_RR » Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:37 am

when i had my glass put in my road runner it fit great .


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