a Loooong Shot.

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a Loooong Shot.

Postby wannarunner » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:52 pm

This is a follow up to my melt down the other day, ya know, the one where I skipped pissed off, and went right into "Full Retard" mode. The part in question didn't become "unstolen" just because I deleted my post, some useless piece of crap still stole it, I just don't want anyone who is not involved, to get sucked up into the actions of SCUMBAGS. I am still following up with some fine Citizens and hopefully it pans out. I can't go off half cocked though, pics/videos are all subjective, and I need better proof. (I have in the past allowed people access to my car, it is fairly original, and me trying to be a nice guy, I have let people use it as a reference for things such as the routing of wiring etc.) Now, the looooong shot request, and every little bit helps folks, but I cannot make anyone do the right thing. If anyone remembers ''anyone'' looking for 1969-1970 Dodge and or Plymouth B Body Heater Control Panel with, or without, the Switches, or ANYTHING B-Body dash related, (thief needed lots of dash parts) could you PM me? this piece of garbage may have tried to "Horse trade" "Barter" or "beg" etc. This would have been most noticeably/probably have taken place between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years ago. (Hey, I said it was a looooong shot) We are talking about a part though that is easily remembered if anyone was looking/asking for one, read that as we are not talking about valve covers, or something fairly common like that here, or maybe you noticed someone looking for one really hard, then became suddenly quiet about it. Please if you can help, PM me. This is a shout out to "Anyone" within a 50 mile radius of where my car is at in Fitchburg. I will post in the "Shoot the breeze'' section about lessons learned in a couple days.

I jacked a pic from ebay, mine was way nicer.


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